18 months-4 years old

Our Pre-school Program develops the core motor and social skills that every child needs in order to succeed on and off the field of play. We take this crucial time in your child’s development seriously and value every moment we spend with them.

Mommy’s Monkeys – age 18-35 months;

Parent and Me class; This Recreational Level 1 class focuses on developing locomotor skills like jumping, climbing, and landing, as well as introducing students to gymnastics skills such as rolls, donkey kicks, and cartwheels.

Bouncing Bears – ages 3 years and up;

In this class, students complete Recreational Levels one and two. They will start with developing locomotor skills such as jumping, climbing, and landing, and will also master elementary gymnastics skills such as rolls, donkey kicks, and cartwheels. Before leaving the class, they will show mastery of basic body positions and skills.

Tumbling Tigers – ages 4 years to starting school;

In this class, students will complete Recreational Levels three, four and five. They will continue to build on basic skills and work on developing core strength. Before leaving this class, they will show mastery of handstands, cartwheels, and various strength skills on bars.

Leaping Lions – ages 4 to starting school;

This Recreational Level five class is an introduction to our pre-team program. It is designed to focus on increasing strength and correct body positions. Students will master mounts and dismounts on beam and bars, as well as kick overs and round offs on floor.